Why internet speed slow in Nepal?

Internet speed is very weak in Nepal. Service providers are failing to speed up the internet as much as they have agreed with the customer. After browsing the Internet, customers complain to the service provider, but no solution is found.

It is the customer’s right to get as much internet speed as he wants. However, the service provider has not been able to take action against the company providing slow internet service.

So the internet service provider company also has its own arguments. Service providers claim that the slow speed of the Internet is not their only weakness.

In a virtual interaction held by Technology Journalists Forum (TJF) Nepal, they said that the internet could be slow due to problems with bandwidth, various servers and mobile apps.

During the interaction, Vinay Mohan Saud, CEO of Subisu Kewal Net Pvt. Ltd., said that the Internet could be slow due to problems in Tata, Airtel and other companies in India, overuse of any service capacity and quality of devices used by consumers.

“Customers’ complaints are justified. Internet service providers may offer more Mbps than they can afford due to fierce competition, but many of the problems are not just our fault. We are just a pool between the consumer and the server or app. If there is a problem in one of the three parties, the internet will be slow, but we will be the only ones to be abused, ‘said CEO Saud.

Saud said all service providers were working to address customer grievances and that their initiative alone would not be the answer.

“Sometimes there are problems on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Tiktak. But consumers blame the Internet service provider. We can’t solve the problem of Facebook, Tiktak, YouTube, ‘he added.

Similarly, Vinay Bohora, Managing Director of Vinet Communications Pvt. Ltd., said that the complaints of consumers about slow internet will never end. “The internet is slow now because of the ticking. Another similar app will come tomorrow. There will be many internet consuming sites. Even then the internet may be a bit slow. Therefore, its grievances cannot be fully resolved. We will continue to reduce it, ‘said Bohora.

According to Bohora, 80 percent of internet consumption is in video and it is on the rise, so how to provide quality internet in the coming days is a challenge.

“Even though we have a lot of internet consumption, we don’t have the infrastructure and equipment to manage it. We also have to import bandwidth,” he said. We buy from India. If there is a problem, the internet will slow down or shut down in Nepal. On top of that, Nepal’s geographical remoteness is also a problem, ‘he said.

Managing Director Bohara hoped that if the servers and exchanges of big platforms could be kept in Nepal, the criticism against the internet service providers would be lessened. Bohora admits that sometimes customers may not get quality internet due to unhealthy competition between internet service providers in the name of competition.

Problem after the epidemic

The speed of the Internet has been further hampered by the fact that people have to stay indoors due to lockdowns and bans on coronavirus prevention and control. According to Vinay Mohan Saud, CEO of Subisu Kewal Net Pvt.

He informed that the demand for 22 to 25 Gbps bandwidth has increased only after the lockdown. ‘Before the lockdown, a customer used to consume about 300 Gbps internet per month. At present, five to six hundred Gbps is being consumed. The Internet may have been slowed down by most users. It’s good that they understand this too, ‘said CEO Saud.

After Corona, Google’s servers grew by 37 percent, Facebook by 72 percent and TickTack by more than 75 percent, he said. Saud also urged people not to do so as the internet will be slow when the app or server used for entertainment runs in HD and high capacity.

Similarly, Vinay Bohor, Managing Director, Vinet Communications Pvt., Said that Internet service providers are facing a bigger problem after Corona.

“The demand for the internet has grown so much that our equipment is deteriorating. In such a case, it takes time to bring the goods on the charter ship coming from abroad. That is, manpower is not available at the time. We are in more trouble after Corona, ”Bohora said.

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