Video-Sharing AppTiktok also banned in Japan

Japan is also likely to ban the popular video sharing app Tiktak.

Lawmakers from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party have decided to push for a ban on tickets. Japan’s ruling party has been criticized for banning Japanese users’ data, saying it could eventually get into the hands of the Chinese government.

A group of lawmakers from the ruling party, led by Japanese Finance Minister Akira Amari, decided at a meeting on Tuesday to take action against the ticket. A team of parliamentarians has decided to submit a proposal to the government by next September.

Tiktak has been the target of criticism since India imposed the ban last month. It is said that even the United States is preparing to ban tickets. It is said that the Australian government is also likely to take strict action against Tiktak.

Tiktak, on the other hand, has been denying claims that the user data will be made available to the Chinese government. Tick ​​has made it clear that the Chinese government has not yet requested user data and will not do so.

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