US Presidential Election: Fierce Competition Between Biden and Trump

WASHINGTON: Counting of votes in Tuesday’s US presidential election has been completed in most states. Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump face stiff competition after the results of 40 of the 50 states were made public.

Based on the results so far, Biden has overtaken Trump, who is also the current president.

Representatives of the 220-seat electoral college have already been received in favor of Biden. Biden now needs 50 electoral college representatives to run for president. The US presidential election requires 270 seats out of 538 electoral representatives.

Republican nominee Trump has 213 electoral representatives. He now needs 57 delegates to win.

At least two electoral representatives from each state are elected. But since such representatives are selected on the basis of population, the number of representatives varies from state to state. California, which has the most electoral representatives, has 55 delegates. In which Biden has made a bet.

Trump also won in Texas and Florida, which have more delegates. Texas has 38 electoral college delegate seats, while Florida has 29 delegate seats.

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