Self-reliance with greedy skills at an early age

PAKHARA: Asmi Nepali, 22, of Kahu, Pokhara Metropolitan City-11, who managed to go to New Zealand six months ago, is currently decorating various paintings in a coffee at Bin’s Cafe in Malepatan, Pokhara-5.

After the plan to go abroad was stopped due to the epidemic of corona virus, a month of senior training is spent preparing coffee for the daily connoisseurs of Nepal. She is stunned when she embarks on an unexpected business trip.

The skill learned by a Nepali, who is in his third year of graduation in management, at Map International in Pokhara’s auditorium during the bandhbandi has opened the door to this business.

Saying that this training has proved to be a gift for her, Nepali says, “I never thought of doing business. What else is possible to see at this time?” After the training, my thinking changed, my self-confidence increased and I started a business. After the plan to go abroad was stopped, I learned the training and one day I thought of doing business with brother Sabin. Brother was positive and we talked to Mummy. I got energy after getting support from him too. ‘

The Nepali, who started Bin’s Cafe and Fast Food in Pokhara Metropolitan City-5, said that she has run the business with an investment of Rs. “It’s only been a month, there are two staff members, the daily turnover is between Rs 6,000 and Rs 15,000. Now she advises everyone to learn a skill and do something at home instead of going abroad.

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