Paul shah and Puja sharma in ‘Pahilo Palta Bhet Huda’ – Watch Video

For the first time Bhet Huda song has been released in the market. This video features Paul Shah & Pooja Sharma. This song is sung by Saroj Oli & Rachana Rimal. The chemistry of Pal Shah and Puja is very well seen in this video.

So far, the video has received more than 1.2 million views and is ranked 16th in Nepal. This video has been liked by over 64,000 people. Like the previous video of Pal Shah, this video is also very much liked by the viewers. Viewers have taken the video of the song to Trending.

The song is written by Dinesh Thapaliya and composed by Arjun Pokhrel. The song has been arranged by Rikesh Gurung. Recorded in Recording Studio at Prism Studio. Ratna Bishwakarma on Flute and Bhuwan Ganderva on Madal / Tabla.

The video for the song has been cinematographed by Nawaraj Uprety and assisted by Jeevan Ghimire on camera. The video of this song has been edited by Aman Manandhar.
This video of Pal Shah and Puja Sharma has been directed by Kabiraj Gahatraj.

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