Ncell’s ‘Ultra WiFi SIM Plus’ service has started

Ncell Axiata Limited has introduced ‘Ultra WiFi SIM Plus’, a fourth generation (Forge) mobile service available in all parts of the Forge / Long Term Evolution (LTE) network expansion country. The company says that the Ultra WiFi SIM Plus is a special SIM card with a monthly 40 GB data volume bundle for consumers.

In addition to bundled data for WiFi service, the customer gets two SIMs under this service. In which data, on-net talk time and digital contents are available as bundled services every month, Ncell said. Under its new theme ‘Plus’, the company is targeting consumers on the nationwide Forge network, which has expanded across the country to address the growing demand for wireless connectivity.

Customers can avail the benefits of data connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot by keeping the SIM card available under the scheme on their mobile handset or any Forge-supporting device, muffi device or wireless device. The company claims that the SIM will be connected to the nearest Forge tower after the customer puts the SIM in the Forge device and the Wi-Fi service will be available within the area where the tower provides services.

“We are delighted to bring an accessible and hassle-free ‘Ultra WiFi SIM Plus’ plan with bundled service for consumers in all Forge coverage areas,” said Pradip Srivastava, Chief Commercial Officer, Ncell Axiata. In doing so, we believe in connecting them with the opportunities that connectivity brings. ‘

The fee for this service is Rs. 430 per month excluding tax under the annual fee scheme. Customers get 40 GB of Wirefree Plus data monthly for wireless data service in this Ultra WiFi SIM Plus service. In addition to this, as a bundled package, you will get 5 GB of data, 50 minutes of on-net talk time each month and two Forge SIMs with Prabhu TV and expensive music digital services.

Another feature of this service is the customer service which is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Earlier, on July 6, Ncell Axiata had launched an attractive wireless plus WiFi service in more than 40 districts, keeping in mind the need for routers and comparatively more data services. Under this plan, customers will get bundled services including SIM card, device, data, voice, digital content and other services, the company said.

The services available under Ultra WiFi SIM Plus service will be available every 30 days. The company has also stated that services that have not been used within the 30-day period will not be added in the next 30 days.

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