Music video of ‘Samjher Sanu’ released

October 3. The music video of the touching song ‘Samjher Sanu’ sung by singer CD Vijay Adhikari has been made public. Dil Khadka, who has been active in songwriting and music creation in the United States, has lyrics in this song. The song is composed by Phanindra Rai.

In this song of sentimental version, the feelings of foreigners can be heard dreaming of living a happy life. This song is dedicated to the foreigners who are forced to return to Nepal after earning money and are remembering their loved ones.

Roshni Karki and Raj Khadka’s live performances can be seen in the music video. The video shot by Buddha Thapa has been edited by Bishnu Khadka. The video has been prepared under the direction of Raj Khadka. The video has been made public through the official channel of GTG Media, dedicated to the promotion of art, literature and music.

Reaction by watching this video which includes the pain of foreigners and the feeling of Mahan Chad Dashain of Nepalis

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