In terms of internet service users, WorldLink is in the first place & Ncell in the fifth

It is seen that most of the internet users in Nepal use the internet service of WorldLink Communications Limited.

According to a study conducted by the Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), WorldLink has the highest number of users among all telecommunication service providers in Nepal.

According to EPNIC, 35.41 percent of Nepal’s users, or about 1.819 million 625 users, are using WorldLink Communications’ Internet service.

WorldLink ranks 289th in the world in terms of number of users. The list includes 26,418 service providers worldwide.

Nepal Telecom Company Limited, the state-owned telecom company, is in the second place among the 53 organizations and 48 telecommunication service providers in Nepal. Telecom has 13.94 percent users or 7 lakh 16 thousand 397 customers.

Internet service provider Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. ranks third on the list. According to the statistics, Subisu has 10.94 percent users or 562,394 service recipients.

Private mobile service provider Ncell Axiata Limited is in the fifth place with 287,580 subscribers or 5.6 percent.

In the sixth place is Classic Tech with 4.9 percent or 251,790 users and in the seventh place is Techmindus Network with 4.88 percent or 250,747 users.

In this list of Apnic, it is at the eighth position with one lakh 94 thousand 24 users of WebSurfer and at the ninth position with one lakh 21 thousand 14 users of Broadlink.

In tenth place is another private mobile operator, Smart Telecom, whose users are less than 1 percent. The customers of other service providers are also less than one percent.

The last places in the list are Nepal Police Government Bodies and Kantipur Publications.

Apnic has been measuring the number of users through Google Ad. The organization has been including the collected data in the list on a weekly basis.

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