In Pokhara, onion cannot be bought for more than Rs 70 per kg

The consumer price of onion has been fixed at Rs 70 in Pokhara. The state market monitoring committee had monitored the vegetable market at Pokhara Shanti Forest last Thursday after finding out that the price had gone up.

Rupa Dahal, planning assistant of the committee, informed that the wholesale price has been fixed at Rs 55 as per the agreement reached between the market management and the entrepreneurs after the monitoring.

During the monitoring, it was found that Rs 2,000 was taken from the 18 kg bag. Entrepreneurs have now sold it at wholesale for Rs 1,000, ‘she said. Even if the price goes down, the stock will run out, so there is a shortage of onions in Pokhara after two days. Dahal said that the stock of onions has stopped coming from India and the existing stock will last for two days. “There are 200 bags of stock here. The onion has not arrived yet, ‘she said.

Many onions are consumed in Pokhara during the festival. According to Dahal, 40 to 50 tonnes of onions are imported every week during the festival. Arubela consumes up to 40 tons of onions.

Onions enter Pokhara through the Golden Gate. South Asia’s onion stocks have been banned by the central government since last week due to declining production in India.

Shutter numbers 50 and 51 of the vegetable market were closed after it was found that the old stock was sold at 200 percent profit. Kapil Nath Koirala, a member of the State Market Monitoring Committee, informed that action has been taken against the traders as per the Black Market Act.

He said that the effectiveness of monitoring has been seen and consumers should be more vigilant to stop black market. He informed that retailers should sell onions at Rs 70 with a profit of up to Rs 15. Member Koirala requested to inform them that they have taken more than Rs 55 from wholesale and Rs 70 from retail.

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