I will fight till I hold my breath: Dr. Govinda KC

Jumla: Demanding improvement in medical education, Dr. Jumla started his 19th fast at Baviramsht Temple in Ranichaur. Govinda KC’s health condition is deteriorating. Although his health condition deteriorated on the fourth day of his fast, KC refused to wear saline.

Locals at the Baviramsht Temple in Ranichaur to support Dr. Govinda KC’s fast. Photo: LP / Kantipur
Dr. Pravin Giri of Karnali Institute of Health Sciences said that his health condition was deteriorating. According to him, the team of the foundation had reached the fasting place on Thursday to check KC’s health condition. “I was not even allowed to wear the sline,” he said. “Weakness has appeared in various parts of the body.”

KC is on hunger strike demanding that MBBS and other programs should be conducted in the academy, teaching should be started in Geta Medical College and Rapti Institute of Health Sciences. KC has demanded the implementation of the agreement reached on July 26, 2008.

“I will fight as long as I can breathe,” said Dr. KC. KC had tried to fast at Dudul Chaitya near the temple. But when the police did not allow him to go there, he went on a hunger strike inside the temple.

The support of the Mughal community to Dr. KC

Dr. The Mughal community of Jumla has expressed support for KC’s fast. Nearly 100 leaders of the Mughal community, who visited KC on Thursday, expressed solidarity with his campaign.

“Dr. KC’s demands are justified. He is fighting for our rights,” said community leader Mahendra Karki. “We are ready to take to the streets if necessary.” Youth Congress, Jumla and the National Democratic Students’ Organization have demanded that KC’s demands be addressed. They have also drawn the attention of the government.

The demand of Karnali people to study medicine in a remote place like Karnali. Anil Thapa, a local student, said that KC was doing it. “We have to go on hunger strike ourselves,” he said. “We are ready to take any step to save KC’s life after he goes on hunger strike.”

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