Happiness when the train arrives in Nepal

The Janakpurdham-Jayanagar train has reached Janakpurdham on Friday. The only Janakpur-Jayanagar train service in Nepal has reached Janakpurdham almost six years after its closure.

The Railway Department of Nepal has made locomotives and bogies from Madras, India for the Janakpur-Jayanagar railway service and brought them to Janakpurdham via Hajipur-Jayanagar. According to site engineer Binod Ojha, after a long wait, two sets of railway carriages and four locomotives have been brought to Nepal from India for the much awaited Kurtha-Janakpur-Jayanagar railway service.

Both the train sets prepared in the colors emblazoned with the national flag of Nepal have reached Janakpur.

It had signed an agreement with Madras-based Integral Cox of India at a cost of Rs 1 billion to operate the Kurtha-Janakpurdham-Jayanagar train. Thousands of people flocked to see the train, which had a capacity of 1,300 passengers at a time. When the train arrived, the locals were happy to take pictures.

The leak test was conducted in the first week of December last year at 34 km from Jayanagar in India to Kurtha via Janakpur. Locals in Janakpur are celebrating after the arrival of the train with the flag of Nepal. Happiness when the train arrives (photo)

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