Google removes 2500 YouTube channels from YouTube Platform

Internet giant Google has removed 2500 YouTube accounts linked to China.

Google, in a bid to curb the spread of misinformation through its YouTube platform, deleted a large number of YouTube accounts between April and June.

According to the Guardian, most of the deleted accounts contained inaccurate and non-political material and some contained political material.

According to Google, YouTube channels linked to countries including China and Russia and operated in a coordinated manner with the help of inappropriate content have been removed.

Google’s move comes as tensions between China and the United States have soared and the future of the Chinese app TickTack looks uncertain in the United States.

President Donald Trump is preparing to ban tickets in the United States if the deal is not finalized by September 15. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a network clean-up campaign against unreliable Chinese apps.

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