Domestic flights will start from September 21

Domestic flights are scheduled to start from September 21. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has directed the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to approve the domestic flight schedule from the 5th.

The ministry has directed to start the flight by approving the flight schedule based on the market share of the airlines before the crash.

The flight schedule will have to be approved for one month from the 5th so that only 25 percent of the flights taking place before the lockdown will be flown. When this happens, airlines will get flight schedules according to their market share.

Earlier, the government had decided to fly only half the seats of the ship, but the ministry has decided to allow the airlines to fly at full capacity by maintaining physical distance.

Airlines have been saying that it is not possible to fly commercially with half the seats vacant.

New rules at the airport

For domestic air travel, travelers must fill out a health declaration form before obtaining a boarding pass. You have to submit the completed form to the airlines you are traveling with. NEA will have to issue a public notice regarding the rules to be followed by the passengers.

Airlines will have to inform the passengers via SMS about flight delays and diverts due to weather, technical or any other reason to prevent unnecessary congestion at the airport.

All passengers are required to wear a mask.

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