25 years of Windows operating system, 10 facts to know

Microsoft’s computer operating system Windows has completed 25 years. Twenty-five years ago, on August 24, 1995, Microsoft introduced Windows 95 as the first user-friendly Windows operating system.

Windows 95 was announced by Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Jay Leno.

Windows 95 is considered to be Microsoft’s first user friendly operating system. It has become very popular among personal computer users due to its many interesting features.
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Windows 95, Microsoft has shared a video, which shows the continuous development of the Windows operating system.

Brandon Le Blank, senior program manager for the Windows Insider program, said in a blog post, “When launched on August 24, 1995, Windows 95 was a great experience for computer users, and some of its features, such as the Start Menu and Taskbar, are still used by computer users.” Have been doing. In the last 25 years, we have been developing those experiences and building a rich history of upliftment. “

Here are some key facts about Microsoft’s hugely popular Windows 95, which turns 25:

  • Windows 95 was launched on August 24, 1995 as Microsoft’s first user-centric operating system. The operating system, which was first made available to construction users on August 15, has since become available to general computer users.
  • The Rolling Stones 1981 band performed their popular song Start Me Up at a special launch event for the Windows 95 operating system.
  • After the launch of Windows 95 as a user-friendly and simple operating system, many people bought computers for the first time and were able to use the Internet because of Windows 95.
  • Windows 95 has four most memorable features – Start Button, MS Paint, Recycle Bin and Taskbar Options. With the new version of Windows, these features are also being refined.
  • Windows 95 had a Start menu to open documents and open applications. Similarly, MS Paint became very popular among many young people who are interested in painting.
  • Windows 95 was Microsoft’s successor to Windows 3.1.
  • Windows 95 also had a plug and play feature that automatically detected and installed software. This feature is still refined in Windows.
  • Windows 95 came with the SQL application, the first way for computer users to reach the world of the Internet. That was before Google was born. The MSN application allows users to send emails, chat, and read news on the Internet.
  • After Windows 95, Microsoft brought Windows 98 to the market, with various new features added. That same year, Google was born. After December 31, 2001, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 95.
  • Meanwhile, Microsoft has brought various versions of Windows. Some of which became popular and some flops. After Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven, Windows 8, Windows 10 is currently in vogue.

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